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Success-Team Philosophy

At Estate Brokers Property Management relationships are key to our clients success and ours. We understand the value of a ‘Success Team’. Therefore, communication and protecting the relationships between the real estate agent, and the client are paramount. Our agent program lets the real estate agent focus on sales, while we focus on property management (details). We believe ‘if a client has a Success Team they are better served and are more successful’.

At Estate Brokers Property Management we specialize ONLY in property management (we do NOT sell homes). We have designed our Agent Referral Program to give the same level of care and attention our agent partner would gives the client. We focus on full service property management solutions that takes care of the property, and the client from start to finish. This means that when the client start working with us now and in the future the home will have been maintained meticulously. The property will be maintained and ready to be placed on the market for sale at the highest value. However, our client usually experiences a great deal of success receiving consistent income, tax breaks and good equity growth. We have found our clients usually purchase additional property as more revenue streams.


Our commitment is to maintain the property and provide the best possible support to the client and smoothly transition them between us and a real estate agent when they are ready to sell or buy another investment property. As professional property managers we only focus on property management and will never betray our clients relationship between them and the real estate agent.