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About Us

wendy-eric-officeESTATE BROKERS opened its doors for business in May, 2004. As a world-class property management boutique, we focus on the unique needs of home investors/owners. With an all-inclusive attitude, we accept both residential and multi-family properties. With some of the most efficient management practices in the industry, along with effective customer service, our company stands out as an innovative business model.

More so, when it comes to making long-term asset plans, we partner with respected local attorneys, CPAs, realtors, and financial planners to successfully complete our clients’ goals. Most importantly, ESTATE BROKERS utilizes a team of vetted vendors, ranging from advisors, to contractors, in order to achieve the best results for our clients.
We believe the difference between the ordinary and extraordinary is taking that extra step. Ready to get started? Contact Us


“Estate Brokers located responsible renters who have just renewed their lease for a second year. Estate Brokers facilitated repairs for our septic drain field and well pump. Overall, my husband and I are very satisfied with their service.”

-Jennifer and Kyle , Georgia

“Eric Hassen helped me resolved my complex HOA problem and also found excellent tenants to rent my property. Eric is an awesome Manager. Estate Brokers is very professional and helpful from the start up to the present.”

– Amelia, Florida

“I recommend Estate Brokers if you’re looking to find a new home. They’re a very good company and can get you exactly where you need to be. They’re prices are reasonable and I’ve never had any problems during the process of renting a new home with them.”

-Dylan Morro
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