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How to Dry Out Water Damage?

How to Dry Out Hidden Water Leak and Tackle Water Damage?

Realtors say many homeowners are unaware of a hidden water leak

Do you have a water leak?

By Mark Fisher

       Realtors say many homeowners are unaware of a hidden water leak — which can interfere with the sale of a home, or be a concern for a new home buyer. A cracked pipe, broken seal, or a leaking spigot. There are a number of ways that water can creep into places it is not meant to go. The long-term results are more visible and concerning, including mold, rot, blistered paint, or damaged flooring.

       Minor water leaks often lead to major repair bills. But it’s possible to avoid the worst water damage by catching the situation early. You would probably notice a sagging ceiling above the dining room table. But what about more subtle signs? Water damage doesn’t always turn up at the source. It follows the path of least resistance, and then makes an appearance in unlikely places. You have to follow your nose, use your detective skills, or just put two and two together.

       Crawl spaces, air conditioning systems, attics, and even windows all are vulnerable if the situation isn’t professionally resolved. The longer the situation is allowed to fester, the more expensive the clean-up becomes. Mildew around the shower stall? Funky odor in the laundry room? Peeling paint in the kitchen? Could be trouble.

       Don’t try to handle the issue yourself; you could ultimately do more damage than good. Don’t just dry it and forget it! Call a licensed professional to come check the damage out. Your body, wallet, and house will thank you.

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Posted by: estatebrokers on November 30, 2017
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